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“Fashion 4 Life” Non Profit Initiative is a division of “Queendom Ink International Companies LLC”. Our mission is “Uniting Cultures through the Power of Fabric & Fashion” for mission is our global stage. “Fashion 4 Life” brings global awareness, creates life programs, cultivate changes in regulatory laws, implementing transitional housing programs and supports business empowerment. Our initiative will prevent, protect, and prosper those that have been violated through Human Sex Trafficking activities.

“Fashion 4 Life”  was created by Queendom Ink International Companies CEO/ President AngelaMarie Pacley and her daughter Sade’, who was a victim of Human Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sade’s story is one of survival and of a mother’s faith in God that she would return. Sade did returned home, unlike so many hundreds of thousands of young girls and women who never escape these horrific situations. Together, AngelaMarie and Sade’, will continue to tell their stories in hopes of saving lives and gaining awareness at an international level.

“Fashion 4 Life” nonprofit initiative addresses the social issues often covered by fabric and fashion. Once we break the cultural barriers in fashion industry that can often divide women and cultures, then we can deal with the real issues behind the fabric. Fabric is a “Power” that connects countries and brings wealth through trade, imports, and exports. Fashion is a universal language that speaks; freedom, creativity, passion, purpose, identity, expression, accomplishment, and life. Fashion is a power that can either unite or divide. Fashion has the power to FIGHT against any injustice including Human Sex Trafficking activities which has become known as a form of Modern-Day Slavery. This includes fashion manufacturing and garment sweat shops that hoard poor safety condition.

“Fashion 4 Life” humanitarian and philanthropic spirit partners with individuals, foundations, societies, association, companies, communities, nonprofit organization, designers, models, bloggers, industry professionals and influencers to help produce fashionable events for “Life”. These events help to raise the monetary support needed to stop the sale of women and child and provide restoration programming for their recovery.

This year our nonprofit initiative “Fashion 4 Life” will show case international designers during 2015 International Bermuda Fashion Festival. Six designers will have the exclusive opportunity to create an Avant Garde garment that will express what Fashion 4 Life means to them. These artistic expression of fabric and fashion will be worn by celebrity models  that support the global awareness of this growing epidemic.

Thank you in advance for making the power of  your Fabric & Fashion fight against this growing epidemic of human sex trafficking, by donating a momentary contribution today.