Queendom Ink International Companies, LLC and our divisions and subsidiaries hold all business relationships in the highest regard. Our protocol requires that Queendom Ink shares our business code of ethics with each prospective constituent.

Queendom Ink Business Decree Is “As it is written so shall it be done”. This ancient decree represents our dedication to Excellence & Success.

Queendom Ink value authentic business relationships, personal excellence, ethical practice, honesty, integrity, loyalty, mutual respect and honorable business etiquette.

Queendom Ink is committed to our clienteles, partners, investors, and the global community. Our passion is for developing entrepreneurial relationship between women around the world through the “Power of Fabric & Fashion”.

Queendom Ink is building event production, entrepreneurial, educational, social, economic, leadership and networking opportunities that empower women to grow their business and established new platforms for their product or services.

Queendom Ink respect the ideas and ideologies of individuals, companies, races, creeds, and national origin. Our moral responsibilities are not just to our company, but to the global market respecting all cultures, religions and ethnicities. Our affiliation with any individual(s), companies, institutions and/or organizations must have these core values.

Queendom Ink has established business relationships and strategic alliances with constituents representing countries Bermuda, Bahamas, Morocco, India, Nigeria and expanding.

We look forward to building a productive business relationship that will impact the world by “Uniting Women/Cultures through the “Power of Fabric & Fashions”.