destinyQueendom Ink International Companie, A royal society of elite products, services, philanthropy and partnerships, are pioneers in establishing global entrepreneurial relationship through “Uniting Cultures through the Power of Fabric & Fashion.” It is our destiny to build a “United Queendom Association” with one million women from each country worldwide.

Queendom Ink International Companies is a cyber-nation of women owned companies that vision is to help support nonprofit organization through their Excellences & Success.

Queendom Ink International Companies in our benevolent endeavors, will l help unite and support entrepreneurs by building a pillar of likeminded visionaries via global networking.

Queendom Ink International Companies commitment is to partner with Queen & Kings, Nations, & Governments, Companies & Intuitions Organizations, Foundations and Individuals that will champion for women’s developmental growth in international entrepreneurial relationship ,that give back to non for profit organizations Example: human trafficking, domestic violence, eradication of poverty, breast cancer…

We “The Queendom” will empower women to achieve economic independence as an ethical company that is watched as role model of Excellence & Success.