“As it is written so shall it be done”
Our Ancient Decree of Excellence & Success

Welcome to Our Royal Castle

Greetings & Salutations Queens & Kings.

On Behalf of Queendom Ink International Companies we welcome you to our cyber castle of elite products, services and mission.  Queendom Ink International Companies has several divisions and subsidiaries with it under our crown including but not limited to the following: Queendom Ink Production LLC, Fashion Cruise Brand Inc. Fashion Resort Week LLC, Queen Dhymon Marketing LLC, and our non profit initiative “Fashion 4 Life” which brings global awareness on Human Sex Trafficking.

Queendom Ink vision is “Uniting Cultures Through the Power of Fabric &  Fashion” for mission is our global stage. The products and services we offer support our humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. We the Queendom are destined to impact the world as a collective force with one million empowered women from each country worldwide. Through fabric & fashion we are building up a nation of women that are destined to the throne of Excellence & Success by building  global entrepreneurial relationships through trade, import, exports, event productions and government programs.

Queendom Ink views modern business women as Queens and Warriors:
Queens: are responsible for implementing business , educational, social, leadership networking and entrepreneurial opportunities that ensures the prosperity in the providence where they abode: Warriors: possess the ability to engage against any obstacles that opposes the developmental plans to empower women, eradicate poverty, stop human sex trafficking and crimes against women/children and to protect the overall rights of women to improve their communities around the world.

Queendom Ink believes so much in the “Power of Fabric & Fashion” that through our non profit initiative “Fashion 4 Life” we partner with individuals, organizations, institutions, governments, and companies that vision is like-minded.

Queendom‘s goal is to see women of all ethnicities embracing the beauty of each other’s “fabric & fashion”. Once we break the cultural barriers that can often divide us then we can deal with our real issues behind the so called: American fabric labels, India Sari’ Arabic Kaftan, African Kenta Cloths, Egyptian Cotton, etc., and hopefully come to the realization that we have more in common than differences.

By supporting any of our companies products, services , and our initiative you empower Queendom Ink to be the crowning symbol of hope and unity to women of cultures worldwide.

The Queens of the Queendom

“Uniting Culture through the Power of Fabric & Fashion”

Queendom Ink Production prides ourselves in producing distinctive and unforgettable events with impeccable class. We are in the business of “Motivating & Empowering People through Event Productions”.

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